Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection

Only our "live" color video can give you a clear, immediate look at the inside walls of your pipes. The robotic camera technology we utilize provides the adaptability for confined and hard-to-reach spaces.


We use a state-of-the-art remotely controlled robotic camera on a crawler to perform pipeline inspection. It has been described as an inchworm on a self-propelled flatbed that can crawl through muck, scaling, and standing water. If it encounters a blockage, it provides a clear image to a monitor on the outside, and then it backs out to make room for clearing any clog or blockage.


The camera and motorized mount are battery-powered and sealed to be intrinsically safe. You monitor real-time transmission of the pipeline inspection that is also recorded. This is a high-tech replacement for ultrasound and magnetic imaging, which are far more expensive and far less adaptable to the conditions in most field operations. Video has clearly eliminated time-consuming and costly digging or cutting simply to identify and locate a problem.


Our pipeline inspection crawler camera delivers high-resolution, color pictures, which is invaluable when assessing the specific materials in a line blockage and for appraising rust, corrosion, or blockage.

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