Grease trap Cleaning & installation

Grease trap Cleaning & installation

We focus to keep you in compliance with the Local Authority’s guidelines on the best management practice for Grease traps. Sanco Environmental Team is available for the installation of grease trap and play an advisory role with the help of architect/ designer. Our experienced team members will take care of your grease trap needs in a timely and professional manner. During the process of grease trap installation we make sure that the grease bearing devices and fixtures are properly connected to the abatement system based on the requirement and situation. We have a full range of grease traps, separators, interceptors and grease dosing products. We want you to remain hassle free for all your food operation products and also to keep your commercial kitchen drains clear and grease free. Whether you need a large underground grease trap or smaller in kitchen under sink fat trap system, we offer cost effective solution product. We are Dubai grease management experts.



Grease traps are part of restaurant that intercepts greases, solids before they enter wastewater disposal system. One of the main services of Blue Line Environmental Services is grease trap cleaning that consists of washing grease deposits of traps. Grease traps require regular emptying and cleaning to ensure hygiene. As we know that accumulation in grease traps causes growth of bacteria and foul smell. Overflowing traps is nasty and obnoxious to the people. Blue Line offers services for removal of grease and cleans the traps.

Blue Line cleans drainage system so that waste water can flow freely ensuring grease traps are clear and reduces bad smell, chance of blockages. Municipality officer or Environment agency reviews that regular cleaning of grease trap has been performed and waste removed is disposed by a registered waste carrier. Our well trained experts cleans any type of grease traps regardless of their size and complexity, in order to keep your waste water moving. We provide you with a planned Grease trap maintenance schedule as per the municipality standard also we give you Dubai municipality certificate. We provide best grease trap cleaning services throughout Dubai.




We are the best grease trap cleaning and pumping service company and we provide services at affordable rates. The best way to find the cost for grease trap cleaning is to give us a call and we’ll be able to give you a quote. We provide grease trap cleaning and pumping service at Dubai. Please feel free to contact for any enquiry.




Effectively and professionally vacuum, pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from grease traps. Volume of grease removed is recorded on the maintenance log. Reliable, efficient, hygienic and cost effective maintenance. We maintain proper transport and follow all Municipality regulations. We visit the Grease Trap service upon scheduled Annual Contract. Annual service package for Grease Trap Service, General Drainage Systems Survey as well as Emergency Call Services is provided.

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