About Us
Our services company grew from the understanding that our desired
assurance that their Florida properties were safe and secure while they were away seasonally.

As a retired member of the police force in Washington DC, Chuck Egan has a keen sense for attention to detail as well as the ability to handle security issues. Those traits combined with his desire to assist his neighbors made his decision to launch Blue Line Home Services an easy one.

Once established. it became clear that it would be necessary to limit the number of clients that could be supported while preserving the high level of service that we provide. Therefore, our clients can expect Blue Line Home Services to have the time to provide excellent service every time.

In order to grow Blue Line Environmental Services and deliver exceptional quality to our clients, Chuck has been trained and maintains Florida certifications as both a licensed home inspector and licensed radon inspector. He has also invested in state-of-the-art equipment and, when needed, utilizes only certified laboratories to analyze results of samples collected.

Blue Line Environmental Services is a company you can trust to provide you peace of mind about your Florida properly. Call today to schedule your consultation or to ask any questions you may have, 239-351-6623.
Blue Line Environmental Services LLC