Blue Line Environmental Services


BLUE LINE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES is a well-established services company specialized in efficient cleaning and swimming pool maintenance service. Licensed by Dubai Municipality and considered amongst the best service providers in UAE today. We offer you world class service in the cleaning of water tanks, waste water tanks,Kitchen hood, AC duct, Swimming pool maintenance and more.


In addition we are specialized and licensed for grease trap installation and handling waste edible oil lifted from grease traps. Supply of sweet water to construction sites and removal and safe disposal of drainage water ,drainage water tank cleaning are also the main services. Blue line takes the job of Lift Station (Sump Pit) cleaning on call/contract basis. Robotic camera inspection,Drain Line Jetting service to remove the blocks in the drainage line to ensure free flow of drainage water are also another services rendered by us.


We are well equipped with sufficient fleet of vehicles and personnel for meeting the water tank, waste water tank,kitchen hood, Lift station, AC duct cleaning services require-ments as well as for maintenance of swimming pool and sewage systems. Moreover, our employees are experts in the field with technical background and ample experience.

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